The Story of LYL 


How it all started.

   As a young woman, I have always been a gentle advocate of self-love & self-awareness. Just a few years ago, I became inspired to wear my natural hair. I relieved myself of all straightening tools, hair dyes, & any other additives in a mission to love & embrace my natural hair in a whole new way. That love transcended into a whole natural body care routine. Still, I struggled finding the right natural products for me. I wanted all of the benefits of natural body care, products that were NATURAL, HEALTHY for my body, & EFFECTIVE. I slowly began making my own body care products, & a love so deep blossomed within me. I focused on creating products that were both nourishing & beautifying. With passion & a love for self-awareness, I created LYL.


LYL creates products that make you feel good!
— Jasmine Lang


    LYL stands for Lend Your LOVE. LYL is a way to connect with others, share a creative space, and spread a little love out each time. 

LYL inspires an overall healthy lifestyle:


  • healthy body
  • healthy mind 
  • happy spirit

LYL was created with the desire to encourage everyone to take care of their bodies,  & to embrace natural beauty. To nurture & love the way our bare faces, natural hair, natural nails, & skin all make us individuals. Each product is created with natural plant based oils, herbs, & butters to HEAL & PROTECT the body from the outside within. Using elements from the Earth to combine beauty & nature. 

The skin is the largest organ of your body & it absorbs everything straight into your bloodstream. All products are 100% natural, organic, non-toxic, free of any parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, artificial ingredients or GMO's. 

Everything is hand made in small batches, & made with LOVE just for you!

Made by Jasmine Lang