The Feminine, Creative, Wanderer

I woke up this morning with the desire to travel. I looked through my photos of my most recent voyage and I instantly missed the feeling of the wanderer. It had been on my mind to get my car checked for service maintenance so I headed downtown to take care of my responsibilities. I had already made up in my mind today would be a day to myself to channel some new creativity, but I wanted to get my car check-up out the way. While they checked my car and offered me an uber ride anywhere within 5 miles, I opted out and decided to utilize this time to walk and explore. I walked towards the Natural History Museum because learning about nature is something I am always down for. On my way, I stopped at Goodwill and explored the book section. I picked up a few books with enticing titles, but “The Best Women’s Travel Writing” resonated with me the most. I purchased my book along with a guide to London for my friend Amber as she is about to explore the beautiful streets of London. So now my books and I were enjoying the sun, observing the business sightings on our way to the Natural History Museum. As we entered the premises, I saw a sign that said, “Rose Garden”. I have lived in LA 28 years, (minus my temporary moves) and had never known there was a 7 acre rose garden with an array of roses, greenery, plants, a fountain, and peace. It was the perfect peace for me to stumble upon. I inhaled the beautiful aromas around me, took some amazing photos, laid in the sun, and began to read my book. Two quotes stuck out in my mind. “Travel allows us the anonymity and solitude of the wanderer.” “Travel ignites the memory of our most feminine selves.” Is that why I love to travel? Because it connects me to my divine feminine. Do I love to see all that Mother Nature has to offer? After experiencing the Rose garden, I actually stumbled upon one of my greatest visions. A tree that I had been envisioning and there it was, right in front of me. I took the time to connect, to listen to what Mother Nature had to convey to me. I listened with my heart and not my mind. I felt it all. I gathered some of her leaves she had shed for the first day of fall and I took them home with me. I am grateful to have connected to nature in the most authentic way, with an open heart and allowed myself to feel her energy. The synchronicity that I ended up at a Rose Garden on the first day of a new season. The Rose represents balance and femininity. I wanted to spend the day connecting to my creative energy. Our creativity is our life force and the feminine is the creator of life. I am in alignment with exactly where I need to be. I am grateful.

Jasmine Lang