Advocate for Healing

 Healing is a process. 


There are so many people advocating for personal healing with hopes to heal our society as a whole. Everyone’s healing is motivated by different triggers, and I believe we all have a testimony, we all have something to learn, to teach, to share, and to release. The ultimate healing is coming into a surrender of peace, unconditional forgiveness for yourself, others that leads to a graceful transformation of rebirth. No matter the motivation, remember we all have something to learn. We all have something to heal from. 


Healing is important. 


What you choose not to deal with, will always spill into other parts of your life, and may affect your children, relationships, work,, and overall wellness. 


Healing takes time. 


Healing is a constant evolution of self-evaluation. Learning to be still, calm, sit with yourself to self reflect. There will be times where we believed we have healed from a situation, and we find ourselves repeating the same emotional patterns or replaying the same unproductive thoughts. We all have triggers that fuel these patterns, and part of the journey is learning through our evolutions. You may have to learn the same lesson 50 times, but don’t give up on yourself until you embody that ultimate peace and freedom of the mind. 


I advocate for healing. 


I advocate for healing because I have had to heal myself. I am in a new process of my healing. I advocate for healing because I want to have the self-awareness that allows me to make conscious decisions that support my highest vibration. I advocate for healing because I want to embody an unconditional love for myself, for others, and hold a space of unconditional forgiveness and understanding. I advocate for healing to be at peace within.

Jasmine Lang